The Next Chapter

Monday 18th January saw me become the ‘new boy’ for the first time in over 3 years, having to deal with all the awkward “hello’s” and trying to remember all the new names that get sprung on you in the space of 5 minutes, especially with remembering names not being my biggest forte. I don’t know about anyone else but I always find myself using the term “mate” or “buddy” when greeting people, I guess that’s my way of breaking the ice. I see the move as a big leap forward for me, it’s another step towards my end goal of Formula 1.



Moving On Up

Friday 15th January isn’t just a normal Friday… For me it’s my last full day in my current job. Having been with Fortec Motorsports for just over 2 and a half years, today marks the end of an era. My time at Fortec has seen me climb and navigate several obsticles, not only at work as a mechanic but also my personality.

I started at Fortec in June 2013 on the British Formula Renault team, running Sam MacLeod. I will always remember that first day I walked into the workshop, as if the day wasn’t hard enough we were leaving for a test in Wales that evening. There was no time for any “hello’s” as it was all hands on to get the two cars ready to be loaded into the trucks, ready for the trip to Anglesey. I don’t know the best way to describe the journey other than ‘awkward’, although 4 hours of awkward was a good way to finally get to know my new colleagues. Once we arrived it was typical Wales weather.. dark, cold, windy and wet – the perfect combination for a so called summer test.

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Life in the Fast Lane…

Hey Guys,

So this is my first post, I’ll try make it a memorable one or at least an interesting one! I thought I would cut to the chase and start by explaining who I am – I’m Luke David Marshall, a 21 year old Motorsport mechanic from Derbyshire, now living in Northamptonshire.

My job lets me travel across the world, visiting a variety of different countries from France and Spain, all the way to China and Dubai. As amazing as it sounds, it’s not just flying here, there and everywhere, we do have a job to do, although the odd day to explore is always high on the list.

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